High traffic no sales - need help

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Good morning,

Over the weekend I opened up my Shopify store, www.4ourfashion.com and I’ve had over 1000 link clicks on my Facebook add but haven’t had any sales. I was hoping you guys here could provide some insight on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, there!

Anders from Shopify here. Thanks for reaching out today.


If your Facebook ads have been getting over a 1000 link clicks but no sales, that's still a good amount of data to work with. Retargeting and adjusting your custom audiences based on how your ads are performing is a key part of building successful ad campaigns which convert. I suggest reviewing your Facebook pixel data and campaign results for notable trends like which countries, demographics, and specific ads are performing well and which are underperforming. For example, if you're promoting a specific product which is seeing a lot of link clicks but no sales, take a look at the product page itself to see what could be causing the issue. Is the product description informative enough? Is the product page cluttered or difficult to read? Is there substantial social proof present on your site? These are important factors to consider when trying to optimize your product pages and website. 


Lastly, there is a fantastic article made by Oberlo "I Spent $191,480.74 on Facebook Ads. Here’s What I Learned." which covers some very helpful tips on adjusting your ad campaigns. I've personally found this article very useful in understanding how to properly scale Facebook ads within a reasonable budget.


Are you currently advertising on any other platforms, like Google

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