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High traffic no sales

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Hello everyone,

I have around 500 daily visitors in my website, but no sales. Could you please give any recommendations?

Thank you.

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Here's a tip from the Shopify team.


I work with Answerbase, so we can certainly help you turn that traffic into conversions as well with product Q&A...which I see you don't currently support and will help with both conversion and growing more traffic.   I suggest that you try a free 30 day trial on our product question and answer app and we can help you get it installed...and typically with your activity we see a good amount of questions coming in and we have some customers where 75% of the answered questions convert to a sale.  We'll be able to track that activity within the trial period for you.

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Hi, where is your traffic coming from? If it's from ads, please describe how are you running ads exactly.


Also, have you tried to install an app like Hotjar? You can see exactly what people are doing when they come to your site.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. 90% are coming from ads (Facebook and Instagram), they just view the product page, some even add to the cart, but don't buy.
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So 450+ visitors are coming from ads that you are running? How much are you spending daily then? Let's assume $0.5 CPC, you are spending $225+/day?

How did you set up your ads? What's your objective? What country are you targeting?


Besides looking at your ads, I really think that something like Hotjar could help you a lot.

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Hi Haykos, 


Nice store, I like the color palatte. My only suggestion is to overhaul your product page. Obviously you need a really strong ad creative, but when directing them from ad to store, your product page seals the deal. 


Right now I can see you're using default AliExpress descriptions and reviews. But there's a couple of things I;d be wary of. 


1. People don't care as much about features as you think. 

Untitled picture.png

Model number, voltage, certification etc aren't really relevant, so I'd look at deleting these and writing your own description. Rather than features, lay out the benefits of the product. You already have great images, you now need compelling words to convince them to part with their money. 


2. Filtering reviews. 


Found this on one of your product pages, which just shows the importance of filtering reviews when you import them from AliExpress. With the coronavirus scare, this isn't going to help you caprture sales in any way. 


Other than these, your pixel might need time to optimize your audience. But with a strong ad creative and compelling product page content, your audience will eventually bite. Everything else seems to be in place!

Good luck.

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Hi there, 


Here's an article on this exact topic:


You should really consider retargeting ads, as this ensures you're getting traffic from people who have already engaged with your products and thus are more likely to convert 

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Hi Haykos!

That’s a frustrating situation to be in. The good news is that you’re already using Lucky Orange! You have a ton of insight that should help.

How is your bounce rate? Look into the differences between your bounce rate for different sources, like paid social media and organic search traffic. If you’re seeing a higher bounce rate on ads, for example, your target audience for the ads may need to be re-evaluated. Basically, are there changes you can make to the campaign to drive traffic that’s more interested in buying? Also, use your heatmap to look at your top device types. If you have higher desktop traffic than phone traffic, you may be missing the mark with your Instagram ads. 


Make the journey easier for people. Instead of making them change the currency at the bottom of the page, make it automatic. I see you have chat on your site, but it’s not very engaging. Have you considered using Lucky Orange’s chat? It’s included in your trial and all plans. You could set up an auto invite that will ask people to chat. So if you have a visitor who added a product to their cart but didn’t do anything for several seconds, the system would automatically invite the person to chat. It can give you a chance to answer questions and save that sale! 


Are you doing enough to entice someone? I see the rewards button, but is it used much? Also, how many people are really redeeming a 5% promo code? Let’s say we’re talking about your Star Moon Lamp. It costs €18,99, which means you would only save €1 with your promo code. You may want to start investigating if the promo code is really working or whether it would be more helpful to just remove it. 


A few more things to consider:

  • Evaluate your content. I went to two product pages (Colorful Dog LED Night Light and Star Moon Lamp), and they both say the same thing: “The <product> is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.” You really don’t need this messaging on your Shipping tab, and I question if it’s even necessary. Use session recordings to see if people are even reading it. If they are, make sure to change it up!  
  • Make sure your product pages are consistent. Some items have parameters under the Description tab, others have it under a Parameter tab and several items don’t have parameters at all. Again, check recordings to see if people need the parameters. Ask a poll if there’s anything other product information (i.e., instructions) if they want included.

When you get some free time, Lucky Orange provides a free onboarding call with our client success team. It’s 15 minutes of answering your questions and helping you get more from Lucky Orange. Click here to schedule your 15-minute call.

There’s no sales push or pressure - it’s just to help you make an awesome website. I promise.

Cheers -
Danny from Lucky Orange

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Dear haykos,


As per your comments we found that you are running ads, please do following things.


1. Do remarketing

2. Target as per interest 

3. Check your insights 

4. Exclude the country from where do not want traffic

5. Do A/B Testing

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Hey I had a look at your website and it looks awesome.

As you said you are already getting traffic from Facebook with no conversions, I would suggest you to start with google ads.

  • You can start with smart shopping ads as we have seen shopping campaigns works best for our eCommerce customers.
  • You can also try re-marketing ads as you are already getting traffic from Facebook this will help you get conversions out of those customers.
  • You can also start ads with high search volume keywords like "cute lamps", "night lamps", "colorful lamps", "table lamps"

Have you tried Google Ads and Google shopping App by AdNabu, it can help you create shopping campaigns without any hassle. You can also download Google Ads Re-targeting pixel by AdNabu which will install your re-marketing pixel in 1 click.


Please click on the link to download:



Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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First of all, change your main menu for a link to the products you're selling and instead of having ''all products'' you should have something like ''tees'' and ''pants''. Also consider adding a live chat, and something at the bottom of the product page like ''other products''.


Targeting is always the most important part of getting sales and that's the part we don't' see. With all honesty stop the ads or targeting the people you're currently going after, with 500 clicks you should have at least 2 orders. 


Consider some paid ads options if you have the budget with Facebook, Pinterest, and Google ads. Also, there are many ways of getting relevant traffic at a low cost like Google or Pinterest SEO. I can not speak for Google SEO, but I have handled many Pinterest accounts for organic reach over the last three years and Pinterest is a great platform to start building your foundation. Pinterest currently has 300 million monthly active users and half of those users are in the US, aside from that almost 90% of users reported using the platform for a buying decision. 


Feel to take a look at Test 82 for more information regarding Pinterest.


Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.
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 This issue happens when you get not related traffic from several websites. Most of the time you have to analyze the traffic, where it comes from, whether it is organic or paid, referral...etc.


After analyzing you have to check your landing pages i.e. if your traffic comes on your proper page that you want to be land then you have to reoptimize it because the landing page is more IMP for lead conversion.


I hope this will helpful for you.



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