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High traffic with no sales....HELP??

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Hello everyone.

I have a store up and running

I am running google ads...not yet Fb ads.

Although i have over 14k impressions

I do not have a single sale! 😫

Can anybody please help me with finding out what is wrong with my store? 

It is a one product store.

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Hey! when you start running Facebook ads - make sure to avoid using the traffic objective when targeting cold traffic. Choose the "conversions" objective and make sure to optimize for "purchases" 


Best of luck!

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Hi @Nisbton ,

I think my answer will help you. I found - where you can submit your products to promote for free. However, Breakthecuriosity only accepts products that they consider to be unique and interesting. This is how many stores use Breakthecuriosity to be able to bring in traffic and sales without money.