Highlighting the Brand of Products sold in the shop

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Hello Shopify Community,


is there a way to highlight the brand in the products you offer in your store? I am currently creating a store where some products are sold, whose brand is one of the decisive reasons for purchase. It would be great if you could filter products by brand. Also, a small logo of the brand should be on each product page. This brand logo on the product page should at best be clickable, so that when you click on the brand you can get to an overview page where all products of the brand are displayed that the store offers.


A good visualization for what I mean would be this website:


Above the product title, you find the brand logo of that specific product. When you click it, you get forwarded to all the products from that specify brand, the shop has to offer.


I hope you can help me and I'am looking forward to your replies!


Best Greetings,


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Hey there


I personally love what TheFascination.com has done (example in the screenshot below).



I was also toying with the Nordic and I am sharing what I have seen some marketplaces do -- which is utilise the product carousel itself to highlight the lovely brand like so 





Cool, isnt it?


In fact you can use Canva to do this and then upload it right back into your store 


Alternately, use Product Feature Cards in ModeMagic to do the same, but much easier - it's pre-connected with your store so you dont have to download > create > save > download > re-upload. It's simple Find product > Make Card > Go live!




You can find it here 


Happy to brainstorm any more ideas - my head is full of ideas on how to make ecommerce better 🙂




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I think it's best to follow trends, and try to be first in introducing different technologies into the product. For example, now the idea of NFT is very popular, through which you can tie a product to yourself, because this technology is directly part of the blockchain, it will be impossible to hack, which means that your product will be protected. You just tie your brand for example through https://www.collectid.io/ and people themselves will come up and out of interest in something new and will buy your product.