Hiring a professional marketing company, any advice

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I have tried several different types of marketing for my website over the last 5 or 6 months and I'm not doing to well. As of now I May get 3 or 4 visitors to my site but that's about it. Was thinking of hiring a professional marketing company,  and was looking for any advice on this

Thanks I'm advance




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Hi, Antonio! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I’d be glad to help.

What types of marketing have you tried? Getting 3-4 visitors per day after six months can be frustrating. You post regularly on Facebook and Instagram, yet the engagement is still low. This is normal for new brands, however make sure to post engaging content, to encourage people to share your posts, like and comment on them. Don’t limit yourself just to posting new products. Ths is pitching - keep it social, and add value with your posts. Perhaps update your followers on the latest trends or music releases. Your target market are younger people, and music is very important in their lives. Tap into that, and you will build engagement.

Who are their peers? People that age are very prone to peer pressure, therefore teaming up with Influencer can significantly boost your brand’s awareness and sales.

Have you joined other relevant online discussion groups and try to connect with your target audience> This is a powerful technique, as you are building your authority and trust first, before pitching your products. People buy from the brands they know and trust, and it takes seven times on average for a person to come across your brand, before they become a paying customer. Therefore it’s important to utilize all fronts you can to be visible: social media marketing, Q&A boards, discussion boards, influencer marketing, email marketing [sending newsletters] and so on.

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Let me know if you have any questions!


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Love you site!

Partner here as well. Before you go hire any agency, do these things first:

1. Identify your ideal customer
2. Identify where your ideal customer can be found in masses online
3. Determine your budget. 
4. Determine your outcomes

Any agency worth anything will ask you for #1. They will help you refine #2, they will tell you if #3&4 is realistic. 

Most marketing companies, ours included, will charge you around $1k/mo with a required minimum ad spend of $1k/mo for FB ad management. Also, most will ask for a 3 month commitment so they can first test, second grow, and third scale. That's not an insignificant number I understand. 

A few recommendations re your site: get an 888 or similar "toll free' number at twillio and forward it to your number. Change your email to info@ or support@. Fnally, while ANIIKO may be a significant idea to you, it's specific to you. Offer a few more designs that are what your audience wants. Ask them what they'd like to see and create it.

Hope this helps,

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Great information Perry, it is very much so appreciated  


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Hey Antonia! Cool store.

We’ve been talking about this topic a lot at our office. Seems like so many of these marketing agencies are digging their hooks into retail companies (like yours) so they can't leave them. 

My $0.02 on your question goes back to the first meeting you have with the agency.

If person on the first kickoff call is clearly reading from a script and sounds canned, be careful. 

But if they’re asking more thoughtful questions, you’ve made a smart decision. 

Some questions YOU can ask to avoid these pains early on are: 

1. What does this relationship actually look like? 2. What is on the client roadmap? 

3. Can we engage with the account manager thoughtfully?

We wrote a post on this very topic here. Hope it’s helpful: http://bit.ly/2FXEZjg

Good luck!

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