Honing My Niche - What's my next move?

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Heading into 2018, I want to drastically improve my numbers. (My only sale was my mom - bless her heart 🙂 ) I've been taking it slow and not investing a lot as I want to make sales and then reinvest with those funds. This is a side hustle that I hope to grow into more-than eventually, but I have two part-time jobs and a household to look after as well. I feel pretty confident in my niche, as athleisure is still on trend to do well in 2018 - according to a recent Shopify post I read. I've done some FB and IG ads and even tried a couple of IG Influencers. I could see my traffic improving somewhat, but not my sales. I've had less than 600 visitors in total to my site. I know I need more traffic and the right traffic. Just confused as to what concept/product changes to make. I'm wondering a few things. 1) Is selling in CAD hurting me/should I switch to USD? IMO Canadians are used to buying in USD, but not vice versa. 2) Should I nix the wordy wear, as it seems these are widely available and customers can DIY these items on several websites for cheaper than I'm selling them for? If I did this, I would bump up my product offerings from Art of Where to include baby and little girl leggings, yoga leggings, running shorts, etc. 3) Wondering whether or not you have any analytics on successful Canadian sites selling Canadian products? If I DO drop the "wordy wear" products I offer from Printful, should I just focus on the "Made in Canada" aspect of the products I offer from Art of Where but continue to try and sell in CAD to the US and Canada? Would really appreciate your thoughts.

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Care to share your website URL so we can take a look and maybe offer some feedback?

I'd definitely suggest selling in USD. You're at a huge advantage in that Shopify lets Canadian merchants sell in USD.

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Hi Angel, there are no people.

The site has no energy or vitality. Once I'm off the homepage slider images, everything is png (white background). The fact nothing is styled and there are no lifestyle images makes it clear these are dropshipped and POD products.

Customers are wising up to  these kinds of online stores, and because they have no reason to make a real connection, the pass you by.

How can you humanise and brand this experience, so it's memorable, relatable and desireable?

Good luck with everything

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