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My question is as follows and is mostly technical but also includes some human emotion to hopefully clarify my point and confusion. How do you take away the hope and chance of fb ads converting? I find myself time and time again launching campaigns that I think will work, “This will be the one etc etc” nearly all the time. I’ve done a ton of testing with fb ads because I understand that in the beginning you have to be ok with loosing money to gather data. However, this is assuming you know how to understand the data and execute and not make the same mistake twice. So my frustration is I find myself waiting and hoping and thinking as opposed to knowing something will work. To date I’ve made 5 sales since June, and put in $700(for me this is a lot). I’m craving just a bit of consistency with sales but I’m not getting any. Wow On another a note, at least in my personal situation there’s a level of urgency to me succeeding with my store, I don’t have a few million to toss into ads and have the mindset of one day it’ll work. I need to sell to eat “Kill or be killed”. It seems like some people do have a million and 40 years, for me it’s all in. At the end of the day you start a business to make money but it just seems so mentally crippling having this mindset of waiting for something to work as opposed to knowing it’ll work. Another thing that is confusing is since I started in June, I’ve changed my store many times, my theme, my products etc so why would past fb ad data really be super relative and helpful? I understand there is ads reporting and different metrics but even given that it stills feels like i am just waiting for 1 product to change my life. In some rare cases that seems to have happened with some people. I definitely regret not paying an expert to teach my the ins and outs of Shopify in the beginning because now I feel like my mind, my habits and methods are all jumbled up. I want it bad and am willing to do whatever it takes but I feel like I’m lacking in the 80/20 rule and have so many opinions on site change, ads etc. Would love some feedback on this hoping issue as I don’t have the time or money to wait around for 30 years. I have 5 or so very good product research softwares but I still just am not connecting some dots. (You don’t know what you don’t know)

Would love some feedback from any expert.


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