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Hoping someone can help me with what is missing in terms of SEO. I'm not on the radar.

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Hello all,

The site has been up for about a year now.  No sales outside of family/friends.  With limited funds, I am trying to get traffic organically through SEO.  Just looking for a little direction, in terms of what stands out as glaringly missing!  Or in other words, what I should address immediately.  Again, I don't have the budget to hire an seo firm at this time.  Thank you so much in advance.  Site is: (

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Hello 9holer1,


I'm not a huge golf fan myself, so I'd be considered extremely cold traffic going to your website.


My first impressions made me think you were selling golf gear quite literally (Golf clubs, bags, balls). I'd assume a lot of traffic coming to your store will encounter a similar situation. Consider making minor adjustments to branding and your sales funnel so you have a clear idea of what type of traffic you need to bring in.


What are your traffic numbers? You can use data to help you figure out how you can make more sales. It can help determine whether it's an on-site problem or targeted traffic problem.

I can help pinpoint and fix the problems preventing you from making your first sale. I also help with Conversion Rate Optimisation:

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Hi 9holer -

Ranking organically and driving traffic is extremely difficult in a competitive space. But, you need to get the foundational elements fixed on your site first.  I would start by going through your home page, core category pages and product pages and make sure they all have unique and well written page titles and meta descriptions. Page titles should be around 60 characters and meta descriptions around 140 characters. You have some that are over 300.


Your page titles can have a direct impact on how your site ranks (but it is only one of many, many factors), so getting these optimized is very important. For instance, this page has a title of "Mens/Unisex - 9holer". When Goole crawls the site, this title does not do anything to tell Google what the page is about and the products that are on them.  Something like "Funny Men's Golf T-shirts | 9holer" would be more descriptive. Do something similar to your meta descriptions. Look at competitors in the space that rank well for similar products and see how they are optimizing their pages to get other ideas. 


SEO is super complex and there are many, many different techniques to ranking well. But, I would start with the basics and get your page titles and meta descriptions optimized. Also register your site with Google Search Console to see if you are driving any organic traffic and from what keywords and pages. This will also give you a place to monitor any keywords your site may be ranking for currently or as you make optimizations to your site. 


Finally I would recommend reading Moz's beginners guide to SEO. It will help you understand the fundamentals and what it takes to drive traffic organically. 


Hope that helps...

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This is great stuff.  Thank you for the feedback.  I have read some of Moz's guide, but I need to go back to it.  Thank you again!