Hot! I get thousands of visitors, Spike in traffic, Big ad campaigns... But No Sales

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Hi everyone!

Well, like everyone else problem... Spike in traffic but No Sales.

Well, My answer about this issue, Why customers Don't Buy from my Website.

  • Is your website well known?
  • How old is your website, is it new?
  • Is your website security high?
  • Does your website trusted by customers?

Why people buying products with millions of dollars everyday from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and not buying from my website? You have the free space to answer this question just imagine Why?!

Simply there is too many customers get stolen, they lost hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars in one day for just providing their Credit Card details to New + Unknown websites (fake) + non-trusted websites.

Yesterday someone created a fraud website (in just hours) (even without SSL certificate), then he published Fake Products with 90%+ discount for products costs more than $1000+ dollars, Wow! it will buy it for only $100 Amazing!

This website only asks buyers for Credit Cards (regular shops provide multiple payment methods). So hundreds of people thought it was a great chance to buy expensive products at 90% discount.

Yes, all people who provided their Credit Cards, stoled.

Fraud actions like this make people never try to buy from any brand new or unknow websites, so that's a big challenge for you to proof that your website is not fraud website and you're a trusted seller.

Hope you got my point.

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