Houzz... Worth It?

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I was hoping to get a guage on other Houzz sellers experiences? I have been selling items on Houzz for roughly a year and a half. I have had mixed experiences with their marketplace as well as the Shopify integration. While they do bring in a small number of sales, include our products in Google Shopping listings and remarketing ads across the web, I feel that the cost of doing business with them is not quite worth it. 

If at any point there are issues with your order, it is almost impossible to get a straight answer from whatever support agent is assigned to your inquiry. Even harder to get in touch with for support is our 'dedicated' account representative. At first they were very supportive to get our account up and running and after our items have gone live, the support has dwindled to what I would call non-existent. 

Most of my interactions with the Houzz support staff are based on inquiries from customers who have purchased something from us. Not in a single case has something ever been done to protect us as a seller on their marketplace. They have always, without question, sided with the customer regardless of the issue or inquiry (damaged items, shipments being refused by customers, etc.)

Moving forward, I am looking at diving into Houzz even deeper and putting more of my product out there to incresase sales and use the leverage that they have, but I was hoping to gather and hear about other sellers experiences with Houzz and the Shopify integration (I am contemplating removing this and listing items on Houzz separately) before moving forward with anything. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences. 


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