How are you dealing with rude customers?

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Hello all!

It's said that customer service is one of the most important marketing strategies there is and I believe that everyone of us in ecommerce has come across rather rude customers. 


We recently gathered insight from HelpCenter's customer service department on what they have experienced and how they deal with demanding situations (see the article here).


But it would be lovely to hear your stories to about what experiences you have with unhappy customers and what you feel has worked for you when you're in a tricky situation. 

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Send them a paddle for some self-spanking.


"Rude" has a scale. If they're being blunt because they're disappointed or frustrated, it may be interpreted as rude. You'll want to satisfy them.


If they're being rude because they're an idiot or maybe they represent an outside group of your market, a good marketing trick is to turn their rudeness into email content. A common enemy if you will. You win by building your loyal following. You'll get many people replying back encouraging you.

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