How can a 17-year-old start an online business?

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I’m 17 and trying something new I’m trying to start an income/business I need help getting started and would greatly appreciate if someone with experience can help get me on the road!!

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Hi @Elijahrose ,

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Very glad to hear from your question. Starting your own business is a very interesting and challenging thing. If you want to quickly get started , then you have to consider the basics. I strongly recommend you get to know the AARRR model, a classic model in Online business.




Acquisition can be done through Internet channels, such as advertising, content, and social media, giving the customer opportunities to get to know your brand and attract them to your website.

In this process, you should do research not only on customers, but also products, find out the customer needs and selling point of your product. Match these two points would bring more clicks to your website.



Some customers leave directly on your website, some customers have a glance at your website and then leave, some users browse a few pages and then add them to the shopping cart, some users click on the product and then make a purchase.

Obviously, we need to analyze the whole process path of users adding to the shopping cart and purchasing, whether we can find an action that most of the two groups of users have done and guide more users to repeat this action . This is the process of activating.



The definition of retention is very clear, which is the customer places an order to buy, so you need to facilitate them to buy the product, whether it is the first order discount, or sending coupons to the user, also known as conversion. There is always a way to impress them, then what you have to do is to repeat this action constantly to guide more customers to place orders on the website.



When your website has a certain number of customers, which might be 10,000 loyal customers, you can consider asking them to recommend products for you. You can use plug-ins such as user loyalty, sharing rewards, etc. to guide them to share your products with their social media, which can help you bring in more subscribers. In this way, there will be more and more users of your website.



With the cultivation of customers on the website, we need to consider more paths to boost revenue, which might be to increase the conversion rate of users, to increase the repurchase rate of customers, and to increase the unit price of users. You can gain a decent income if you consider this issue.


To increase the conversion rate, you can consider the third point. To increase user repurchase, you can use regular activities and regular reminders to guide users to buy products again. To increase the unit price of customers, you can use multiple discounts and cross-selling methods to increase the price of every order for the products.


Hope you all good and graet success to your business.

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Kudos for taking the reins at that age! As for which path to take, consider that any startup requires an initial investment that you probably won't make back fast. Ecommerce and dropshipping seem like easy wins, but nothing is devoid of challenges today. 


If you're aiming to work from home and build an online-only business, I'd suggest you taste the waters by selling your skills first. Make profiles on various freelance hubs and learn from the more experienced members. See what's in demand, what is a so-so reliable model ROI-wise, how should you set things up as to not run things into the ground soon, etc. Once you got the know-how and have a clear roadmap in your head, consider investing in your own brand.


Good luck!

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you can also try social selling and conversational selling. It is important not to confuse selling on social media with social media marketing and advertising. Social selling means direct and personal interaction with customers via their social media activity to create a sense of credibility and establish a relationship. Social media marketing, on the other hand, means conducting promotional activities using the company’s social media accounts and building brand awareness that way.

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