How can a beginner effectively promote their business for sales?

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Hello, i was wondering how i could promote my business so i could start some sales

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You have just started selling goods on the Internet. Based on hundreds of thousands of customers that we served before, I will analyse three dimensions : goods, market, and people. Hope my answer could help you out.
It’s inevitably compete with competing products while Selling goods on the Internet. So, what is special about your product? You have to give customers a reason to buy it. Either your products are good with cost-effective performance than other platforms, or your products have better quality than other platforms, or you provide better services.
It is a good product that can satisfy the customer's needs.
A good product also is one that can meet the needs of the target user in a certain scenario. This refers to the niche market. You can analyse the market to find your niche market, so as to help the product sell better. This market requires you to constantly explore according to the characteristics of your products, so as to boost your sales.
When selling goods on the Internet, you must also understand your target customers, not only their needs, but also what platforms your target customers pay attention to. For example, you can produce interesting videos of your product to attract your customers on the Internet.
I hope the answer above is helpful, which can effectively increase your sales.
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add GTM/GA to track user behavior, run ads to see your conversion rate, and understand how users interact with your website. At the same time optimize your website for the search engines. Start by keyword research with tools like Semrush or Ahrefs and create your strategy. 

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Hey Sam, you're going to need traffic to your site to get any sales.
I recommend starting a blog or producing content on social media to start building a following.
This won't bring you traffic overnight but it's necessary to have a strong business foundation.

I hope that points you in the right direction.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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