How can I attract more visitors to my School and Dress online store?

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How do I get massive visitors that will lead to a sale on my website store call School and Dress online at

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Hello there @schoolanddress I absolutely understand how it feels not getting much visitors in one's website store. Send me a direct message with your website URL so I can help you 

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School and Dress

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Hi @schoolanddress thank you for leaving the store URL so we can check it out and give out some suggestions. 

Starting with your question, how to get massive numbers of visitors to your site. We suggest that before getting visitors to your website, it's imperative that you have a nice, clean and proper website from product arrangement to the theme. Right now, it's highly recommended that you should focus more on getting your website ready. Below are some of our suggestions:


1. Use 1 announcement bar only


Using more than 1 announcement bar will confuse your visitors when they first land in your website. If you have more information that you want to show them, consider making another section on Homepage or create a whole new page and place on menu bar.


2. Do not use blur/ low quality images

All images should be clear, of high quality. If you source products from other vendors, take your time to filter and categorize the good product photos and use them for your website. Even with header images or any images you use on your website should not be blur.




If you have a multi products store, CTA button on header should be Shop All only. It navigates visitors better.


3. Pay attention to your additional text section

Please try to make it as concise as possible because people love seeing visual elements and read less text. You can show 2-3 sentences as pretext and then lead them to another page with CTA button.




4. Wisely-chosen products are needed

When visitors first land in your website, both header images and the vibe are all about school. But when scrolling to the lower part, there are many products that relate nothing to school theme. This requires you to re-check and re-structure your whole business dropshipping ideas. We suggest that you choose different product types but they all should be under one specific theme, which is "School" in this case. For example, you could dropship clothes but they should be associated with School theme, such as school uniform, school accessories, shoes for school etc




Hope this helps!

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Hi @schoolanddress

There are a few ways of drawing visitors to your site, however, your store has a few more fundamental aspects that need tackling first:

1. Decide what the focus of your product line is. You are selling to men, women, and children currently, which is too broad and not specific enough to really drive success. Which audience is the more lucrative?

2. Decide what your Unique Selling Point is: what makes you different from your competitors? Why should someone shop from you as opposed to any other clothes shop?

3. Identify who your customer is by creating an avatar so you can pitch your marketing to "real" people. 

Finally, check out the great advice from @AliReviews and also look at our Buyer Trust 101 post

I hope this is all a useful starting point, but please don't hesitate to ask me any other questions you may have.

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