How can I automate order confirmation and product recommendation emails on Shopify?

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Hi everyone! Shopify email automation advice appreciated 🙋🏻‍♀️
When a customer makes their purchase on a Shopify website, how can I design and customize and email saying:
  1. Thank you for ordering with us! Here is an overview of your order [Insert order overview] (similar to attached screenshot).
  2. You´ll love these! [Insert other items based on what they purchased] (similar to attached screenshot)
How can I insert those two automations (order overview and show other items based on what they purchased)?
Can I do set this up within Shopify´s email functionality or do you know of a third party app to recommend?
Thank you for any input 🙂sportsdirect-thank-you.pngasos-order-confirmation-thank-you-email.png
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Please check this help. 

Or you can integrate Mailchimp or Klaviyo Email martkeing service.


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I've done stuff like this with the email marketing app Klaviyo (here's a piece I wrote about my process and case study:


You can design the emails in Klaviyo, then create conditional triggers. For example, one of my favorite cross-selling techniques is to send an email X days after purchase of a product, promoting a complementary product. For example, if someone bought some pants, 1-2 weeks after purchase you can email them promoting matching tops.


You can also do just like you said, sending an email after purchase showing related products (could be a good spot to throw in a discount code too, kind of a reward for making the purchase with you).

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Hi @christinanordic,


You can check out AVADA app.


Hope this helps :).

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