How can I avoid duplicate page issues affecting my SEO rankings?

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Hi All,


I am ranking in 10th position for the term "Hypnobirthing Candle".


I have a Hypnobirthing Candle landing page (, however, Google is picking up this page > The content on the page is an entire duplicate of the Hypnobirthing Candle page.


The organic text ad looks like this:



I'm not sure where or how I have Tagged "pastel candles" . Or, how, or why, it would be creating duplicate pages on the site. 


Any help on this would be most appreciated! 


Many thanks,



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Hello @Aysiya ,


Tagged "pastel candles" in SERP is coming due to this page:

Now, this page is coming because of "filter" variable which you are using.



Now, if you see this page, after clicking on anyone in the filter list, your store is creating a separate page for it. This is the reason, why Google is showing Tagged term in SERP. 


Now, why Google is picking this URL over this: just because of the URL.


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