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How can I avoid sanctions of ambiguously prohibited items?

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I am a glassblower and make a variety of items. I make jewelry, ornaments, jars and pipes and more. The pipes I make are not designed for any particular smokable material.


I avoid language that suggests what substances should be used in the pipes but Facebook, Google, Amazon and others balk when advertising, listing, selling or payment processing is mentioned.  But I have been served a Google ad for glass pipes after I visited head shop sites. I did a searches on Amazon for each of these terms: rolling papers, pipe, bubbler and bong.  Each search yields plenty of results. (OK, 'bong' was only three pages and some of those were for beer bongs.) Some of the RAW brand rolling papers are marked 'Amazon Choice'.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how to avoid sanctions on Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify et al?

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