How can I best embed a video in an email?

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I'm looking to embed a video into an email to send to my customers. What is the best way to do this? I think there is probably code I need to use but what is that code?


I tried using the embed codes from TikTok, Vimeo, and other sites.


Please help. Thanks


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Shauna Hi,


My understanding of your requirement is that you'd like to embed a video into your Shopify email that will play when the recipient opens the email.


This has long been a request of email marketers, as adding video to your email would bring together your most effective sales channel (email) with your most effective content (video).


The good news is that email has evolved and it is now possible to add video to the body of your Shopify emails and automations that will play automatically at the moment the recipient opens the email.


The maximum duration of the video that can be played in email is 60 seconds, with around 30 seconds proving to be the most effective in terms of driving response. It is important to note that video in email does not play with sound, as audio files are not compatible with email, so it's crucial that your video content communicates your proposition without the need for sound.


This how to add video to your Shopify email guide will be a good place to learn the process of adding video to your Shopify email, its super simple, as its really just a copy and paste exercise, so no technical skills required 😊.


Hope that helps