How can I better capture customer data and what are the parameters that it should be analysed for?

How can I better capture customer data and what are the parameters that it should be analysed for?

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Also any suggested method/app should be compliant with the GDPR guidelines

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You can now capture customer data with Refive directly from Shopify POS. We enable engagement and customer retention capabilities at the store checkout for Shopify stores and brands.
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With the below information, I am elaborating on how you can store the customer data in your Google Ads account and how to make the best use of it. 

So, you should ideally be creating different audiences for your website in your Google Ads account. Ex:- All visitors, Cart visitors, Purchase visitors, Product visitors, Visited Collection - A, etc.

So, by setting up Google tags (G-Tag and the Remarketing tags) on your websites, you can pass information such as the page type, product ID, product value, etc. to Google Ads. These tags will basically start sending the details of each & every website visitor to Google. Google will analyze the information to filter those visitors that are eligible to be shown Remarketing ads on Google's platforms and then such visitors counts will start getting updated with something like this. 

audiences types RP.png


To remain GDPR compliant, it's important to make sure that the tags are only capturing the information from your website visitor's activities when they have accepted the cookies tracking on the website.


The above is a screenshot from my test Google Ads account. The count of the audiences in the above screenshot is not available because it's a test account. However, the counts should properly increase based on your website traffic once the tags are set up on your website.

You will be able to use these audiences in your Google Search Ads campaigns, Google Display ads campaigns, Shopping ads campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns, etc. There is a restriction from Google that the minimum count for each of the audiences should be at least 1000

AdNabu's Dynamic Remarketing app is GDPR compliant and suitable for automatically storing & processing customer data as per the requirement. You can make use of the 7-day trial to see if this works as per your expectations.

I hope the above information helps you to store & utilize customer data and to remain GDPR compliant at the same time.

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Hey @retailer1 ,


Shopify customer events is the letest feature to let you capture customer data. It gives you the access to most important data, i.e. product view, add to cart, checkout process.  You may also define your own events you want to capture.  Also it's GDPR compliant. 


The data can be used for customer buying process analysis and attribution. If you want to experience, you may consider Attribuly, this app is (maybe) first Shopify customer events integration to have single customer level behaviors. 



Managing Attribuly. Get customer buying journey across all channels, build a better funnel with attribution, automation.