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How can I boost conversion rates for my iPhone 14 case store?

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Hey everyone Hope you having a great day. It might be a stupid question that is asked everyday , but here i go. I recently open my Shopify store selling iphone 14 cases , have a ( i think ) decent traffic of 100 people per day but people not converting. Can you please give me some feedback of my site on how Can i improve it to convert customers into buying.

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Hey there @OptimistSeller I have had a proper look at your store and here’s what I’ve been able to come up with to help you out.

1) Your social media accounts (if any) aren’t properly publicized or made available on the homepage. That needs changing.

2) A FAQ page would help provide a bit of clarity on some certain stuff relating to the phone cases you are selling

3) You should set discounts for special types of customers such as first timers and the most recurrent ones. This would help make those first timers become recurrent customers and would help keep the recurrent ones coming back. To do this efficiently, you’ll most likely need the help of an app that would aid in allocating these specific discounts to the selected customers and I believe the Seal Subscriptions App is the right app to do this. 

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High prices may the reason visitors are not converting into customers.

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Hi there, @OptimistSeller.

Not at all a stupid question, there is no such thing as a stupid question! It is great to show curiosity as this is the best way to grow and improve for sure. I want to say you've done an excellent job with your store, it looks very slick and inviting! Here are a couple of areas of opportunity that may help to build a better conversion rate:

  • I notice you do not currently have any social media linked to your store. This can be a great way to help build brand recognition and trust with your customers. I have some resources here and also app options here on how to add social media icons to your store if you are interested in adding this. 
  • Another thing I noticed is that the search function is quite hard to locate - it is hidden down in the footer currently. It is usually best to place the search in the header if possible, to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find and use it.
  • I noticed you currently do not offer any gift card options in your store. This is a super easy thing to add and adds huge value for your customers - it also means in times when you may have sold out of certain items, you can still make money! This guide walks through how to add gift card option to your store. 
  • Finally, I wanted to share this blog post on conversion rate optimization. It gives an excellent overview of steps you can take to improve and increase this number consistently.

I trust this answer is helpful to you, thanks so much for reaching out! 

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Hey thanks for the Quick response. I add some things yall recommend me. I was thinking about old iphone version from 6 to 13 should i had them too to cover all the customers needs ?

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Hi Optimist seller,

I saw you homepage, you can improve the hero section above the fold, this is the most important part of your  sales process . You have to explain your product and grab the visitors attention in as short a time as possible.

There is  room to improve the copy(its not clear what you are selling until we scroll) the background image is a distraction. 

When I click on the Buy Now button , I am shown a single product and I have to click again to see your full list of products. There should be as few clicks as possible in the buying process.


Wish you all the best with your store., feel free to ask for clarifications.

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Thanks for the clarification. I will change that in a short Time. As i mentionned previously, should i do all the phone cases for all iphone and also Samsung and all the phone TL catch as Much people as i Can ?