How can I boost my e-commerce store's conversion rate?

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can someone help me increase conversion? My store looks amazing, has a convenient product price, and product reviews, and everything seems perfect but whenever I set up a campaign and get a lot of visitors but not even a single conversion. please guide me. 

This is my store link-

Email- info@storemk21.

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Hi @Mk21store,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app. 

I'm genuinely impressed with your website. Your site has a stylish flair while remaining clean, clear, and professional. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions to improve your conversion rates and sales:

1. Use color swatches for your product variant


You should use color swatches despite just displaying them as the name of the color option. Color option swatches on product pages provide a visual and intuitive shopping experience. Use Swatches to indicate Color Variations: reduces confusion, customers can identify the color they prefer quickly, and it is more mobile-friendly than using text.

2. Add star rate and number of ratings 


You should Include Both the User Rating Average and the Number of Ratings in your product in product on your home page. Customers often check ratings, reviews, and feedback on the product before deciding to order it. You should include this section with your product information to get more trustworthy. 

3. Use countdown timer


Implement countdown timers for special deals or display limited stock levels to create a sense of urgency and scarcity, encouraging quicker purchasing decisions.

4. Cart Abandonment Popup


Develop a strategy to address cart abandonment by re-engaging customers who depart without completing a purchase. Consider using exit-intent pop-ups that provide incentives such as discounts or complimentary shipping to motivate users to finalize their transactions.

5. Prepare for the holiday campaign


Example: Women's Day is coming soon, you should prepare for the promotion in some way such as a Women's Day template, or discount,... to encourage customers to buy your product more.



Sale and promotion

You should have some discount or have a set/combo for a special holiday promotion. That can help you become more attractive to viewers. Increase their demand and order more to get this special deal.


6. Use the Instagram/Facebook feed App to connect your Social media

Enhancing your store's visual appeal and boosting sales potential can be achieved by integrating shoppable Instagram feeds on your website. 

=> Apps like VIBE and Instafeed enable you to display attractive Instagram content directly on your site, including posts, photos, and reels. These platforms offer the functionality to tag products within your visuals, allowing customers to conveniently shop directly from your Instagram feed.


I hope you find these suggestions helpful in optimizing your website's conversion rate and sales. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I wish you the best of luck with your online venture.

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Have you tried creating dedicated landing pages?


They can give you a pretty big uplift in conversions

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Hello there,


Your store is pretty clean, however I see a few key aspects are missing to increase your conversion rate.


We wrote an eCommerce CRO checklist template that you can easily download. Please make sure you strictly follow all the points raised in this document and you will be able to see your conversion rate double or triple.


Please let me know if you have any othre questions and I will be happy to help!




Co-Founder & CTO @ ConvertMate

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