How can I boost my low sales without keyword bidding?

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How should I start my sales? The keyword bidding has made me very tired and I don't know any other way to expand my business.

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Hello @RonPaul,

I'm Gina - Product Manager at flareAI. flareAI has helped Shopify stores generating $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.


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I would like to share a few suggestions while going through your question. I hope my tips will help you provide the solution you are looking for.

1. Provide Limited Time Offers
Providing limited-time offers is an excellent way to increase sales for your Shopify store.
2. Use Trust Badges
Trust badges are crucial for every eCommerce store. Until people trust you with their credit card information, they won’t make a purchase. A few ways to establish trust with potential customers are: Install an SSL certificate in your store, display small images of credit cards and other payment options, add social buttons that take your customers to your social media accounts, display your contact info (phone number, email address, and office address) prominently.
3. Use high quality images
Product images help shoppers visualize the item they’re buying. This helps increase conversion rates as well as reduce return requests.
4. Get Customer reviews
Displaying reviews on your Shopify store is that it helps strengthen your brand’s credibility and reliability.
5. Mobile friendliness
Websites that are mobile friendly, in general, will outrank non-mobile friendly sites in mobile search results.
6. Make Home page attractive
Your Home page should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and should load fast. Avoid excessive images and text. Stay on brand and on message with a simple, attention-capturing design.
7. Add testimonials to build trust
Adding testimonials, reviews, and badges to your home page beneath your main content will help in building trust and project credibility.
8. Organize product collections/categories effectively
Make sure your customers experience better and more simple navigation through your store.
9. Use high-quality product images
Clear, quality product images give consumers quick information on a product. They can see the color, pattern, style, shape, and quality of the product with a glance.
10. Highlight product benefits
Avoid copy-pasting the description provided by the manufacturer. The product description gives you a great opportunity to integrate SEO keywords and the reason why one should purchase it.
11. Optimize the Checkout process
You might lose a lot of customers right when they are ready to buy if your checkout process isn’t simple.
12. Add blogging
Apart from writing great content on your product landing pages, you should also leverage blogging to educate, inform, and engage your target audience.
13. Remind abandoned cart customers
With abandoned cart emails, you can remind your customers of the items they expressed interest in and then left your store with no intention of returning. You can do this from your store Settings > Checkout > Abandoned Cart section > Choose to send abandoned cart emails either one, six, 10, or 24 hours after a customer abandons a cart.
14. Site navigation menu should be easy to use
Your site's main header navigation menu should contains links to collections, pages like Contact Us, About Us, FAQ etc. The footer navigation menu should contain links to Privacy policy, Terms of service, Return & Exchange policy, Shipping policy.

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Hope this was helpful! Cheers!



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Hi @RonPaul, in addition to some of the comments above, here are some suggestions:


  • SEO - getting organic traffic from the search engines is critical so if you can get on top of your site's ranking that will help. Lost of tips here in this article from Shopify or you might want to get someone to help you here.

  • Social Media (Organic) - I separate out organic from paid. Organic is the content you create yourself, the connections you make and the followers you develop. Many start-up stores build relationships with other startups and cross-promote. If you can build relationships with others whose products are complementary and run promotions together, this is a great way to build traction.

  • Social Media (Paid) - running video ads together with your product catalog in Instagram, TikTok and Facebook is how very many Shopify stores have started and scaled their business. There's a nice video/podcast here on how to think about telling your brand's story and getting cut-through.

  • Google Performance Max - you mention keyword bidding. I'd suggest forgetting about Search for now and focus on shopping ads or in Google's new world a campaign type called Performance Max. This is relatively new, but so far is driving really nice results for eCom stores across the board.


I hope some of this helps you get sales kick-started...


Good luck!

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Hello RonPaul, here are some general suggestions on how you could improve your store in order to secure more sales.

1) Make sure there are customer reviews on the homepage. This would help increase the level of trust that customers have in the store.

2) There should be sections for latest arrivals and best selling products on the homepage for the benefit of the customers.

3) You should put an add to cart button on each product page. This would make it easier for customers to add products that they like to their carts and go a step further in the purchase process. You can download the add to cart button app here 

I wish you and your store the best of luck!



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If you're getting a lot of traffic but no sales, it could be due to on-page issues like an unclear call-to-action, hard-to-use navigation, sloppy visual branding, or technical issues. If users are adding items to their cart, but not checking out, the issue may be with the price of your products or shipping rates.