How can I boost traffic and sales with a tight marketing budget?

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Hi all 

I am hoping you can answer some questions for me shop community? Every bit of money I make goes to marketing especially with google and I have no ROS. Meaning I spend more than I make. People have told me my shop is great, easy to navigate, great photography and all the extras. I just dont think I get enough traffic. I receive about 50 a day around average and maybe 1 sale a week atm. Google wants about $90 a day to advertise. As a small business who needs stock all the time I cannot afford it. 

I have the shop seo app and have worked on my seo in the store. 

I have no idea what else to do to get more customers or exposure.

Really I am looking for any advice to help. 

Thanks for your time .

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Hey, just checking, you know SEO takes like 6-12 months right?


Installing the shopify SEO app isn't really gonna do anything on its own. Need to write blog articles and get backlinks, and even then takes more than half a year 

Rob Benson-May