How can I build an email list for my page without violating Etsy's ToS?

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Hi, I know with Etsy its against their ToS to use customer emails outside of Etsy without their permission . Is there a way to create an email list for my shopify page and get the customer's permission like without going against the Etsy ToS. Basically I want to have an email list for my Etsy customers and let them know about my new website, products, discounts etc, Thanks!

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@Jfive wrote:

Hi, I know with Etsy its against their ToS to use customer emails outside of Etsy without their permission . 

There's a tangle in all this.

Is that Etsy giving permission, or the customer giving permission.


If customer permission wow would you get this initial consent if your not allowed to use the email info outside of etsy at all in the first place.

Get consent first, or have a separate shopify landing page to collect consent.

If etsy is a stall at the fairgrounds they control the privacy of the visitors. 

Shopifys is retail-space at the commercial district you take on the responsibility of your customers privacy and the consequences if you don't.

The businesses customers emails on shopify belong to the care of the business.

Note how I did not say "owned by the business", very important.

Getting marketing consent on shopify 



If a customer gives you an email address on shopify with permission for marketing emails then do what you want with in what's permissible (or doesn't alienate customers) .

UNLESS there's some sort of exclusivity clauses in your ETSY contract that an email they have isn't useable even if you collect if off the platform anywhere.



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The easiest way is to just include a sign up link to your email list in your Etsy order confirmation emails and messages. It's worth asking them to follow you on Instagram, or whatever social network you're on.

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