How can I create a specific discount code for two different collections?

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I need to produce a discount code that will:


1. Require a minimum spend of £50 from any products from 'Collection A'

2. Give the customer 50% off any products from 'Collection B' and allow them to receive the discount on as many products as they wish in 'Collection B'


Can anyone help?


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Hey @olnerpsm,


Ohad here, from Zoorix. We have a similar solution in the app that enables you to offer discounts based on collections. It's not exactly the same as what you are looking for, but it's similar enough so I thought that it might help.


Here is an example of how it works - if the customer buys 3 items from collection A and 3 items from B and then she gets a 10% discount. The customer can also buy more than 6 items, but the discount will be applied only if she buys 6 or more. The numbers in the example can be changed, so it can be 3 or any other number for each collection, and also the discount can be any percentage and also a fixed number e.g. $20 off.


Here's an example from our demo store -


I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @olnerpsm ,you can simply do this by going to your Shopify admin and go to Discount and create either a static or dynamic code(dynamic is recommended).When setting it or after setting it up,you can specify 

  • the dates for which the code is valid
  • the number of times that a code can be used
  • a minimum order amount before the code can be used

which products, collections, or variants the discount can be applied to

i hope this helps but if you have any problems regarding setting it up or you will like me to help, kindly let me know.