How can I create an email only to one specific email subscriber?

How can I create an email only to one specific email subscriber?

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I am trying to create an email for one person who subscribed to my emails. But it is only making it for all subscribers. How do I make it for that specific subscriber?

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Hello @tjsunshine18,

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Here are the steps to create an email exclusively for one specific email subscriber on Shopify.

* Access your Shopify admin panel and navigate to the Marketing section, then select "Create campaign"

* Choose "Shopify Email" from the available options.

* Select an email template that suits your needs or create a new one from scratch.

* Click on the "To" field and choose the "Specific customer" option.

* Enter the email address of the subscriber to whom you want to send the email.

* Provide a subject line and preview text for the email to entice the recipient.

* Craft the content of your email, including any relevant information or offers.

* Once you are satisfied with the email, click "Save" and then proceed to click "Send."

Here are some extra suggestions to consider when creating an email exclusively for a specific email subscriber on Shopify

- Utilize the Personalize feature to incorporate the subscriber's name or other customized details into the email.

- Before sending the email to the subscriber, take advantage of the Send test email feature to send a sample to yourself for review.

- Finally, monitor the email's performance by tracking engagement metrics to gain valuable insights into how the subscriber interacts with it.

I hope this information proves useful.


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