How can I customize my Google product feed to list products instead of variants?

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I have a product feed automatically created for Google Shopping/Free ads. The current feed lists each variant. I want/need a customized feed that lists the product itself (not variants). How can I accomplish this? I could create my own excel/csv sheet and import those but it won't get refreshed at a regular interval (or show stock). 

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There are several ways.


You can create a supplement feed, with all the products and for the products you don't want to list add the column excluded_destionation with the value shopping_ads

More info:

You can create a list of products to use in a supplement feed here:

This option is great if you want to use the free app you are using now.


The second option is to simply exclude the products in your Google Ads campaign, here is a guide (option 1):


The last and maybe easiest method, is to use:

Which has a toggle that allows you to exclude all variants.


Lastly, in my professional opinion, I would not exclude variants. As you can gain a lot of equity and traffic by submitting all variants.


For example, more products that are eligible for listings, which means, more ad slots occupied by you and not your competitor.

For example, people searching for a specific variant, will more likely click on the correct variant, than on a product that is not as correct.

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