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How can I effectively market my auto accessories store on a budget?

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good morning group my name is Randy Harkins and my store, RandyZ Auto Accessories has had zero sales I started it about two months ago or so and I don’t do anything with it because I also work a full-time job and even after that I’m incredibly busy and I don’t have any time to work with my store.  The Shopify expert that set up my store told me you need to market well I know that but I can’t afford it and I was wondering if anybody knew of some very economical marketing that I could use until I could make some money and do better.  I was wondering what it is that people see that they don’t like or don’t see that they would like in my store I am attracted when I shop online for free shipping is there a way to offer free shipping and not lose my “ASS?”  If possible is there anyone who could look at my store and see what it is you would change if you were successful I’d like to make this work thank you for your help in advance I really appreciate you and I look forward to being part of the community for quite a while thank you



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Hello! I feel your plight. Ive been open 2 weeks and have had 1 sale and it was from a friend of mine. Unfortunately, unless youre willing to sit down and put in the work nobody will be able to even find you online. I spent 8 hours yesterday watching Ink Master reruns while individually editing each photo to put on my site to include file names and tags so google can find my photos easier. You have to be willing to optimize your search engine keywords with tags and Meta descriptions, etc. Dont be generic with your titles either. I like to leave business cards subtly in weird places around town too. Anyway theres no easy formula to success other than hard work. Where your attention goes, the energy flows. 

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thanks dear 

I'm Hanif from pakistan. I'm interested in shopify.can you guide me please 

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Hi Randy @RandyZ 


All-in-one marketing platform Growave is here. Shopify App Store offers a lot of efficient apps with a free trial. If you have a limited budget, consider implementing relevant apps for your store before purchasing. I would suggest keep testing the apps in order to understand what marketing features works for your store and what doesn't. 


Also, free shipping is not always a solution especially if you can 't afford it. Instead I would recommend to visit your Shopify Store as a customer and analyse what stops you from purchasing. Make sure you provide legit reviews, clear store structure, easy communication, FAQ, seamless checkout etc.


Good luck and I hope it would help. 

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Thanks for bringing your questions to the Community. I understand how important it is to draw traffic to your store and turn them into paid customers. Let me help with some marketing resources!



First off, you can try Improving search engine optimization (SEO) to get your customers to find your store. This is a long term tactic and you will want to keep the SEO setup up-to-date to work with your marketing options.


You can then adopt the feasible options - based on your business operations - suggested in the blog - 25 Low-Cost and Free Ways to Promote Your Business (2021). It’s always a good idea to keep budgets in mind. That’s why organic marketing focuses on simple, actionable strategies for gaining more free traffic. Organic Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs on a Budget (2021) may supply you with some marketing ideas to get things going!



Let me know if you have any questions!

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Bro, I think it's better if you can spend just 1 hr per day to build your traffic machine for your store.

auto accessories, you can get into IG free marketing to get free traffic.

Be consistent, just 1 hr per day, every single day. Maybe 1 hr before you sleep, allocate the time.

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Hello @RandyZ,


You can get the best results if you implement some of these methods:
improve website navigation
create high-quality descriptions of your products
use large, high-quality images
integrate product videos
cross-sell and upsell your products
optimize for mobile
support and guide your customers
enhance the security of your website
integrate different payment options
drive loyalty
implement testimonials & customer reviews
build and implement email marketing strategy
sell on social media


You should not duplicate all the techniques your competitors use. Test different approaches and find the ones that work for you best.

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thanks dear.

you r lucky. can you help me please