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How can I find which customers have unsubscribed after a mailer?

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I'm in a position where I am manually managing a mailing list by importing the list from a third party who has the opt-in permissions. If I send the occasional mailer, I need to update the list with a csv from the third party. If someone unsubscribes in Shopify, I need to not re-add them each time. I can see a count of people who have unsubscribed, so clearly Shopify is tracking this. How do I get to the list of who they are? Thanks!

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We recommend that you can add MailChimp App to your store to export and manage Unsubscribed Customer. You also can find how to import and export customers on Shopify here.

Hope those information can help you a bit. 

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Thanks. MailChimp offers quite a range of services but we don't really need most of them, so the price tag isn't worth it for us. I know I can export a list, but it seems like a tremendous waste of time to have to export a list, manually compare it to another list, and then reimport and overwrite the list every time I want to send a mailer. The data obviously exist on the back end, and I'd like to be able to access it.