How can I fix SEO duplication on my second collection page?

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I am working on my website SEO and I have completed a website audit - The issue I am having is that my site is being marked down in search engines because it believes there are duplicate descriptions. I have figured out why this is - I have a couple of collection pages that extend to a 2nd page due to the volume of products in the collection. I believe shopify must be automatically copying across the SEO from the initial collection page, but the search engines don't like the duplication associated with a 2nd URL for example /collections/dell & /collections/dell?page=2 . I have tried to find a way around this, but so far haven't had much luck. Is there somewhere that I can edit the SEO for the 2nd page seperately? Is there a way to change the pagination for the page to be an endless scroll thus getting rid of the 2nd page url altogether? Does anyone have any other fixes for this? I also don't currently have any budget to spend fixing this, so i will need to do it myself.

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