How can I get a MPN/GTIN number for Amazon Associate products?

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Hi, I am using shopify to promote products thru Amazon as an Amazon Associate, so I do not have an actual physical product. I've been trying to get approved on Google for about 2 weeks now and I keep getting denied. It says I need a MPN/GTIN number and according to Amazon they dont provide those numbers? I'm at a lost right now and I could really use some help and feedback to get this up and going. thanks!

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Tried contacting Amazon? explain the issue to their support executive, they might give you a solution.

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Seems like you are feeding products to Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center product feed expects each product the appropriate unique product identifier values like GTIN, MPN, and Brand. If you don't have the values, then you have to use the identifier exists [identifier_exists] attribute to indicate that the unique product identifiers (UPIs) are not available for your product.

identifier_exists is an attribute that tells Google that this product is missing identifiers, and this will prevent these products from being disapproved.

If these identifiers are not available, you have to set identifier_exists=No, otherwise set it to Yes.

You can use GMC feed rules to set the identifier_exists to "No".

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