How can I get google to crawl my website

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Hello ,


Please help me.My website does not show up anywhere in google searches, how can I get google to crawl my website, I have already submitted the url.How much time does it usually take for google to crawl a website?

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From what I've read the process can take up to 48 hours unfortunately. To get Google to crawl your site follow the steps (below) and hopefully it will work for you! 🙂 (fingers crossed). 

- On the Webmaster Tools Home (through Google) page, click the site you want. 

- On the Dashboard, under Health, click Fetch as Google.

- In the text box, type the path to the page you want to check.

- In the dropdown list, select Web. (You can select another type of page, but currently we only accept submissions for our Web Search index.)

- Click Fetch. Google will fetch the URL you requested. It may take up to 10 or 15 minutes for Fetch status to be updated.

- Once you see a Fetch status of "Successful", click Submit to Index, and then click one of the following:

  • To submit the individual URL to Google's index, select URL and click Submit. You can submit up to 500 URLs a week in this way.
  • To submit the URL and all pages linked from it, click URL and all linked pages. You can submit up to 10 of these requests a month.

Hope this helps! If you need more info follow this link: to a page with the same instructions but with more detail.

Good luck!! 🙂


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Hi Danica,


Thanks a lot for your reply, I have actually done this steps already atleast 3 weeks ago but still my site is not indexed so I am a bit confused.

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This explanation was wonderful, direct, and provided the required information to get the job done.  Thank you!