How can I get more traffic on my store and get sales

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I've been live since November with only 6 sales and 3 were from myself and 3 from family members. How do I get more traffic and generate sales?

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Growing sales is not an easy task at all - however there are a few approaches you can try: 

01. Develop an SEO strategy 

Optimizing your Shopify store in terms of SEO is another way to increase sales. After all, as more potential customers will get to see your products, there is a higher chance of a conversion taking place. 

  1. Implement relevant keywords into the content (including page titles, descriptions, and image alt text) of your online store.
  2. Write blog posts with topics that are relevant to your products and industry, then link these blog posts to relevant product pages. 
  3. Encourage other credible websites to link back to your online store. 
  4. Utilize Shopify’s built-in SEO features to better optimize your content. 
  5. As suggested by Shopify, “add your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console, so that your online store website can be easily crawled and indexed.”

You can learn more about Shopify SEO HERE

02. Recreate your Shopify store on Facebook 

Scrolling down Facebook feed has become a part of our daily routine. 1.73 billion users worldwide scroll down their Facebook feeds every day, which is almost a quarter of the world's population! 

The good news is that you can leverage the immense power of Facebook’s reach to improve sales. It’s fairly easy to start selling on Facebook as there is a dedicated feature that allows you to connect your Shopify account to Facebook. This way, your Facebook account will directly incorporate your Shopify store, meaning that you won’t have to keep separate inventory for each store. 

Besides, Shopify allows you to create Facebook ads directly from your Shopify admin panel. This feature is particularly useful as it automatically targets the right Facebook audiences that may be interested in your products. 

Here’s how Todd Snyder, a menswear fashion brand, managed to pull off a Facebook store




03. Amp Up Your Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for encouraging more sales and improving customer retention. 

Besides, email is an effective eCommerce marketing channel as it offers many occasions to contact your customers. Here are just some of them: 

  • Welcome emails sent to new customers as soon as they complete a purchase/subscribe to your email list. 
  • Promotional emails with special offers and discounts. 
  • Regular newsletter emails with company updates, product tips, and other useful information. 
  • Personal appreciation notes and thank you emails to loyal customers. 
  • Emails asking for customer feedback. 

This Adidas’ email is a great example of how email marketing should be done. 



04. Launch a blog section

Regular blogging has the potential to help your online store rank better on search engine results. Also, it’s a great opportunity to connect with your customers and help them fill out their knowledge gaps. 

Create content pieces on the topics that appeal to your target audience. Include strong call-to-actions in each content piece to direct visitors back to your products. Don’t over-promote your products, though. Education and nurturing your to-be customers should be your primary objectives for content creation.

Here’s how Nike manages the blog section of its website to keep customers updated on the latest industry and brand-related news. 



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Founder of Addyz here.

I would suggest you to start using fb campaigns to get some traffic to your stores. There are 1000's of e-commerce stores online. If your are competing with this already established shop only on the basis of seo or social media posts maybe you are not going to get some real results.

You will need to put your products in front of users, and paid fb campaigns are the quick way to achieve that. Try prospecting campaigns on fb and keep your targeting real good. Surely, you will get some good results. 

What approach we follow for our clients is start with some basic prospecting campaigns and once the store has built some good audience data start re-tartgeting and lookalike campaigns. 

Let me know, if i could be of more help

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Tips to get more traffic on my store and get sales

  • Create Blog Posts Around Popular Products
  • Use Power Words in Headlines to Boost CTR
  • Optimize Your Store for the Right Keywords
  • Run a Viral Giveaway
  • Create Region Specific Campaigns
  • Promote Products Based on Your Audience’s Interest
  • Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile
  • Run an Email Marketing Campaign
  • Spy on Your Competitors
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You can advertise on facebook, quora, reddit, instagram or other platforms. You can use AdsPower with different ip to register and log in multiple fb accounts to post ads.