How can I improve sales on my active Shopify account?

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I have an active Shopify account and paid subscription and I have shared products from Aliexpress but have not make sales. Please I need a mentor that I can learn from. Please indicate if you will love to mentor me. I will so happy and excited Thanks Faith Uesoo Nigeria
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Thank You JoyfulMercy.

 here is my Shopify account



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Yeah, I'd love to possibly see the shop to see if there are any obvious issues!


- Daniel Ziedins

- Daniel Ziedins
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Thank you DanielZiedins

here is my store


I appreciate your concern

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Lot's of room for improvement for sure!  


I can answer some more questions here if you need!


Lot's of the site isn't completely 'finished'

- Daniel Ziedins
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My Shopify has open to the public about 1month
I got hundreds of visitors but only one client with a small order. I am considering if my shipment or return policy go wrong because I don’t support return….just approve the possibility of return.
If non-return-exchange policy is the crux. I will try to fix it. But now i don’t know what went wrong. What if the crux is my product pic isn’t attractive?
Pls help.

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Hi @Menezor ,
This is QuickCEP-software that can help you increase your income.
I visited your website and it seems that it is not fully built yet, so you don't get much traffic, and you don't sell products. Based on the thousands of customers we have served, I hope the following suggestions can be helpful to you:
1. Continue to complete the construction of the website
First, complete the construction of the website, which has a great impact on the trust of users. It is recommended that you add some product recommendations in this section to improve the functions and make the products more usable.
2. understand the logic of online business
I notice that your website has just been built, there is not much traffic yet. It is normal that there is no conversion at present. You need to understand that sales = traffic * conversion rate * unit price per customer. If your website has a certain conversion rate, traffic. Then, you need to attract users to your website through advertisements or communities. You can place advertisements on platforms such as Google and Facebook.
If you don't want to advertise, you can write some product introduction articles and post them where customers gather to attract them to your platform.
3. boost conversion rate
the conversion rate cannot be high If the website construction is not good. After the basic construct, some conversion work needs to be done. You can add some conversion plug-ins to the website, such as some pop-up functions, Chatbot, etc. These functional modules can effectively improve the conversion rate of customers.
As shown in the gif below, adding some product information to attract customers in the pop-up window can effectively improve the conversion rate of the website.
Besides, our product QuickCEP, a really cost-effective, useful marketing app. It helps you do all-round marketing automation with professional advice, build your customer data platform , and it also has chatbot function, which means you don't need to pay for Tidio any more. QuickCEPwill reward you with a 1-year free trial, and 10,000 free emails with the invitation code '10KE' if you sign up now! I hope that I have answered your concerns!
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