How can I improve this website and build a shop on it?

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So I run a blog about pests like rodents and insects and DIY on pest control. I am very new to all this web designes, UX, shop building link building and marketing.

Can anyone have a look and give me some advice on how to improve the website and build a shop?

Pest control blog I am talking about 

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Hi @johndee, thank you for leaving the blog URL so we can check it out and give out some suggestions. 

Do you have top-tiered/ famous shops in mind relating to rodents and insects (pests in general) that are selling well and you want your shop to be like that in the future? Since this is a special niche, we suggest that you should take a look at the most successful rodent/ pests shops right now to have an overview of how these shops look like (how many sections do they have? How they structure their menu and content classification? etc). The great thing is that you're now having lots of blog posts and it's beneficial for SEO. Contents on your blog are of great help to your potential customers, they just need a better structure. 


Hope this helps!

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