Re: How Can I Include best selling products in Email template

How Can I Include best selling products in Email template

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When I send a cart abandonment email using the Marketing Automations, I would like the email to contain a section showing 2 or 3 best selling items (excluding what's in the abandoned cart), pulling form the top items in our Best Sellers collection.

Old articles suggest that Best Sellers or Collections used to be a prebuilt section that could be added to any email, but not anymore.  I've been advised that we could hire a dev to do it via Liquid, but checking the Liquid documentation suggests that Liquid in email templates can only be used for a few specific functions, and getting and displaying a collection isn't one of them.

How can I create a section in an email template/marketing automation email that simple pulls the top 3 best selling items?

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Hello @DWLCS,
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To include best selling products in an email template in Shopify, you can use the following steps
* Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Edit Code.
* Locate the email template where you wish to include the best-selling products.
* Within the template, identify the specific section where you want to incorporate the best-selling products.
Insert the provided code mentioned below into that section of the template.
{% for product in best_selling_products %}
<div class="product">
<img src="{{ product.image }}" alt="{{ product.title }}">
<h3>{{ product.title }}</h3>
<p>{{ product.price }}</p>
<a href="{{ product.url }}">View Product</a>
{% endfor %}
* Replace 'best_selling_products' with the name of a variable that contains a list of best-selling products.
* Save the template.
* Send a test email to confirm that the best selling products are included.
Hope this helps
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Thanks Gina, we will give that a try and update.  Is there a way to set how many best sellers are displayed, or do we do that when configuring the collection itself?

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It looks like Klaviyo can automatically do this