How can I increase purchases on the store

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Can any one helps me how can I increase the purchases by making marketing on the Facebook. I made one but it didn't make good performance. So any one can help

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Hello @AdamKh,

I'm Gina - Product Manager at flareAI. flareAI has helped Shopify stores generating $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

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Here are some of the reason why spending a lot on Facebook ad campaign won’t result in better sales.

1. You don’t have enough targeted audience.
Make sure to target the right audience so o that they can receive the most relevant ads. You can target your ads to three types of audiences when you advertise on Facebook: saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.
2. Your targeting parameters needs to optimize properly.
3. Your facebook users/friends aren’t shoppers.
4. You aren’t segmenting ad campaigns. Segmenting helps to target multiple customer segments at the same time with different social media platforms.
5. Low relevance score
There are three key advantages of a higher relevance score that advertisers will enjoy:
> Reaching more people for less money
> Helping advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign
> Optimizing campaigns in progress
Facebook uses their Relevance Score scale (1-10) to rank ads based on how engaging and interesting your ads are to your selected audience. The higher your score, the better. 6. Your ad set budget is too low
If you go too low, this could mean you’re not getting the reach you want to see.
7. Your audience is too small
It’s better to put more money into your audience rather than targeting irrelevant audience members just to increase your audience size.
8. You missed the mark for your target audience
9. Overlapping audiences
If you’re targeting the same audience with multiple ads, this can drastically reduce deliverability. Not to mention, it will also raise your costs!

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Hello @AdamKh ,
Marketing is a wide and complex subject. I think you are going in a right direction, but not wide enough. Facebook marketing is only one of the channels. You have to think about the right marketing tool to implement your strategy. There is no doubt that your goal is to increase your purchases or GMV. I wanna introduce you one marketing tool: QuickCEP. It helps you do marketing automation through different channels, such as email, SMS, and other social media like Facebook, ins, etc. It also helps you collect customer data, and set up your online chatbots. Those are really effective ways to improve your purchases. Besides marketing, you have to think about some ad strategy on social media; however, it depends on how much you wanna spend.
Therefore, if you have a limited budget, what you should pay more attention to is your retention rate. Once you get some new visitors to your website, how to convert them into your loyal customers? QuickCEP could answer your concerns, and help you address them. Don't hesitate, feel free to contact us, and you can earn 10,000 free emails if you sign up now!
All the best,
QuickCEP -is an application to help you boost the sales, it includes the functions of social media chat, Live Chat, Popup, Email, marketing automation, CDP, etc.
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Hi @AdamKh 


Facebook advertising can be a tricky one if not done in a planned way, you need to be careful while targeting g the correct set of audiences. You need to take care of the following points before moving ahead:

1. Make sure your ads are showing to the targeted audiences or the lookalike audiences.

2. The ad creatives should be interesting enough for the audience to click on

3. You need to spend more on your target audience rather than spending on getting more clocks and followers.


Hope this helps

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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