How can I link a QR code directly to my website's email sign up page?

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I would like to include a QR code in my shipments for people to sign up for my website newsletter. I'm not worried about the generating the QR code itself, but is there a way to create a url link that will bring someone to an email sign up page, instead of making people go to my website and having to find the sign up link there?

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Hello @PartsbyNC  


If you have a newsletter sign up widget on your store it's possible to generate a link that automatically brings your customers to that specific widget. This way when your customers open the link they will immediately see the widget and they can enter their email address to sign up. If you share your website URL I can give you the link!


While I'm here I would like to share with you another great idea to get more newsletter sign ups from your existing customers using a QR Code on your orders packing slip or invoices that allows your customers to sign up automatically by just scanning it after they have received their purchase from your store. If you are interested in this you can use our app Releasit QR Code Generator. The app allows you to generate fully customizable QR Codes that you can manually download or automatically print on your order invoices or packing slips with zero impact on your existing operations.


You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here:


If you install the app feel free to contact me from there so that I can help you with the setup, we offer 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp and Telegram!


Hope this helps!


Marco from Releasit