How can I link Amazon FBM orders to my ecommerce account?

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Hello Shopify Community!

I am setting our company up on Amazon to be Fulfilled by Merchant and move away from FBA. Does anyone have any information on how to link our FBM orders to our Shopify account. We are thinking of moving to a third party distributor and need all of our orders in one place.

Thank you in advance!

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I helped set this up for a store using the app Codisto.


The app imported FBM orders then created them in Shopify, then that triggered the normal fulfillment flow within Shopify. They've been using it for a couple years and gave good feedback. I would reach out to Codisto and ask about your exact situation and see if their app would work for you.


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The Codisto app can definitely help you push your Amazon FBM orders automatically to Shopify for fulfillment. Once the order was fulfilled on Shopify, we can then push back the tracking details to Amazon. 


If you have further questions/concerns you may contact us at

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Can we use the app in parallel to our other app which takes care of FBA orders (from ByteStand)? We basically want to habe FBM run in parallel to FBA.

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Certainly, you can use the Marketplace Connect app(formerly Codisto) alongside another application. To achieve this, simply configure your Order Transfer Settings within the app to exclusively forward your FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) orders to your Shopify platform. This is to make sure that no FBA orders will be sent by the app to Shopify.