How can I manage GA4 purchase tracking on the Dawn theme?

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Although I am an experienced analytics user (with WordPress), I am struggling to have some things working with Shopify and GA4. I have followed a tutorial from analyzify and managed to have some tags such as view_item working properly but I do not seem to be able to have the purchase_event working.


I am on Shopify basic plan and understand this might be an issue. Nevertheless, it cannot be impossible.


So, my question to you is: If you have managed to have it working properly and you are sending data through the data layer, can you tell me more about your setup?

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To be clear, the theme is very unlikely to impact your purchase tracking on the thank you page.


I've updated our Google Analytics for Shopify guide to explain everything you need for GA4. In it is a simple code you copy and paste plus a GTM container you can install to track purchases.


Another factor to consider that no one talks about is tracking on the post-purchase page if your store uses such an app at checkout. This has to be considered. The GTM container you can access for free handles that too.

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