How can I market a business like mine?

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I recently opened my Shopify store and am moving on to the next step: marketing. My business sells ads for dog-related businesses in Colorado only, and dog related online stores from all over the country. Once we make out first sale (a purchased ad) we plan on running facebook ads to get dog owners on our site to view the ad. I'm just wondering how I can get my business going. I had a few friends test it then write a review on it, but that's about it. Any advice?

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Hi there,

If you're new to Facebook Ads AdExpresso has a great collection of examples for you to test drive with ads message. Install Facebook Pixel right away because it matters from the point of remarketing your audience. Here is the official Facebook Guide.

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Hi sydney, I think that you need to join dog breeder/store groups on facebook and talk to some owners about your business test the market a little. After I would reccomend running a few ads at $5 a day for three days then see how well they do. With the best one(s) you should run a full fledged campaign


If you would like to go into futher detail with this please feel free to contact me via my website