How can I offer a free gift to a friend post-purchase on my site?

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Hi everyone, 


I am wanting to add a section after my customer makes a purchase, to have the opportunity to send their friend a free gift (i.e. 1x product of mine). 

The customer that has purchased inputs the friends Name and Phone number. 

After doing so, the friend will receive a text claiming that "friend" has sent you a gift. They open the link on the text and is directed to my website with 1x free product already added to cart. All thats left for this new customer is to pay for shipping. 

Is this possible to do? 


This is a big idea and i am not sure if its possible to do, or if their are any apps available that is able to achieve this. I couldn't really find much when i researched, so was hoping to get some help and guidance from the community. 


Appreciate your help! 



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Great plan for loyalty, I'd encourage offering an incentive like a discount on their next purchase too, that way it's a 2-way gift. 


Looking forward to hearing your results!

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Hello @sbako1,


Did you find the solution?
You can consider the Giftkart app. It allows customers to select an appropriate Greeting Card for the occasion and add their message to the gift card. After the purchase, customers can also schedule the gift card and the app will automatically send the gift card to a recipient on the scheduled day.

Giftkart also allows customers to view their gift card balance at any time. You can install this app for free, but 2.5% of your gift card sales will be subtracted by the app, or subscribe to a monthly plan for $29 with no additional commissions.


Also, you can always choose to develop your own custom app. Of course, this process will be quite costly, but it gives you complete control over the app’s functionality.

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Hi @sbako1 


We just released an app on the Shopify store that can help you do this in an elegant and engaging way.  It will need some customization, but we are happy to help you customize the experience!    Our app is here :