How can I prepare my online store for Black Friday success?

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You want to get Black Friday & Cyber Monday right? 🛒🎯🚀


We asked our customers for their top tips and put together some recommendations:


1. You need to understand the game of merchandising and attention.

These two factors make or break your Black Friday Success.


💲🧩 Merchandising is all about your product selection and pricing strategy.


2. That’s were product bundles come in.

Product bundling is a strategic approach where everyone wins. You provide value to your customers, and in return, you increase sales and move inventory. It's a true win-win situation! (Permar actually has a bundle page that can help you increase your AOV and CVR)


🎁🛍️Bundles allow you to pair high-value SKUs with products that might not typically fly off the shelves. Think creatively about what items can complement each other, creating a seamless shopping experience.


Bundle pricing should be based on your AOV. If your normal AOV is $80, aim for your bundle to be 3x that value. For a $240 bundle, ensure it contains items worth $400. That way, you can still provide a 40% to the customers.


3. Create FOMO Offers: Craft limited-time, exclusive deals that customers won't want to miss. It's all about making them feel they're part of something special.


Use persuasive copy, eye-catching ads, and well-designed landing pages to communicate the urgency and value of your offers. Make it impossible to resist!


One easy way to drive conversions is through limiting your offers to your first X customers.


🌐 When designing your Black Friday Cyber Monday landing page, keep these 4️⃣ crucial questions in mind:

i. What's for Sale?

ii. Why's it Beneficial?

iii. What’s Brand Credibility for your offer?

iv. What’s the Shipping Time?


That's a Wrap. If you need some input or feedback for your Black Friday Landing Page, just write me a DM or email.




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