How can I resolve Google Merchant account suspension and publishing errors?

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I am trying to sell my products on Google but there is an issue, I have publishing errors.  I sell coffee as a dropshipper and there is no GTIN number so would this be considered a custom made product? Also would i put True or False?  Also my Google Merchant Account is suspended because they claim Misrepresentation, does anyone know how I fix that? I have followed everything and appeal it but it keeps coming back and suspended.  i have included a screenshot of whether it should be true or fa

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Hi @SchoolSpirit,


I would suggest using a custom product and set identifier_exist to no

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Hi @SchoolSpirit 


Once your domain is identified as a drop shipper, getting the account approved by Google is challenging, as dropshipping aligns differently with Google's policies. However, you can add your products uniquely, like adding a new brand name, changing the descriptions, and marking those as custom products. This might help approve your products. 

You can also explore other marketplaces, like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, to sell your products if your account is not approved. 


Contact us if you need any help setting up these marketplaces.

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Thank you, I will try that.  I am also using Tik Tok, Facebook, even though I have issues with that as well..but I am working on fixing that.