How can I resolve video sizing issues on my e-commerce product pages?

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Hi there!

My team and I have been having issue with video sizing for the e-commerce. We are trying to play video as a main page for each product shot but the video looks bigger compare to photos. If there is anything you can do on your end to fix this problem? We ran out of options. 

We would really appreciate any help! 

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Hey, can you share the code you are using or any url? Hard to tell without knowing exactly what's going on

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Although I don't know the exact root cause, I can generally tell you some details, depending on where you look. Be sure of the way you are embedding the videos. (Direct upload, YouTube link, third-party plugin, etc.)


To the best of my knowledge, try the below steps:

If you're uploading the video directly, most platforms allow you to specify the video dimensions during upload. Make sure the width and height are proportionate to the desired size on the product page.
If you're using a YouTube link, you can add parameters to the URL to control the video size. This will remove unnecessary UI elements and let you focus on the video itself.

Next, you can check your theme settings to see if there are any options for adjusting video size, aspect ratio, or positioning. Most of the Shopify themes give you options to adjust accordingly.