How can I see product type in Facebook Marketing?

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I have built a few ads in Shopify to sell products on Facebook. I work for a publishing house where we have at least two versions of each product (physical book and an eBook). I am having a hard time determining in my Facebook ad which product I am selecting -- for example I don't know if the product I've selected is a physical copy or an eBook until someone purchases, and then I only know simply based on the price. 

When I go into our Products section on Shopify, I can see the product type, so I know Shopify has the information in its system. Is there a setting somewhere that I can select in order to be able to see this information in the marketing section? Or is there some other workaround that will help me?

Thanks in advance!


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I am still experiencing this problem. Can someone help me please? Is there a setting somewhere in Shopify where I can add the product type?


Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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When you sell payment terms: you must provide the product with FPC or GPC. With payment, customers buy directly on Facebook or Instagram. The product category determines the tax collection imposed by the consumer, as well as whether the product is eligible for a refund according to the law.


If you sell your products on the site: optional, but we recommend that you import your products using FPC or GPC. By posting one, users can see your posts on Facebook and Instagram.


If you want to advertise with the catalog: Optional, but we recommend that you add FPC or GPC to your content. Specifying it can make your ads better.


Classifying Facebook categories you can have:


Add the fb_product_category field to the database field.

Enter the help section in the list. Facebook products are available in many languages.

Add the list of categories. For example American English (plain text (.txt) | booklet (.csv)) for your audience’s beneficiary.