How can I send automatic review emails to non-subscribers on my platform?

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How do I send automatic E-mails to non-subscribers? I have recently switched to Shopify and it has been a good experience all around, though one thing is still an issue. I lack the ability to send marketing E-mails to non-subscribers.


Using Klaviyo, I used to have a flow, that send an E-mail to customers prompting them to give us a review no matter their subscription status. This was and IS legal, as the mail is only concerned with a review, and not sales. So please don't respond with anything related to the matter of this being "bad practice" or whatever - it's not.


Is it possible to do this - be it an app, coding etc.? Or is it really necessary to use and external service?

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We have an app that you could use to do this. This is an example automation template but we could modify this to your situation: