How can I set up a second abandoned cart email?

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I have a setup for the abandoned cart email, but I would like to have a second email sent out if they do not buy anything.

Is there a way to make this happen?

 Thank you!

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Hi @Daniel19901 


If you still want to use the Shopify Email App to send the second cart recovery email, then I suggest adding Shopify Flow to work around it (this app allows you to create automated workflows based on specific triggers and actions):


  1. Install the Shopify Flow app from the Shopify App Store
  2. Open the Shopify Flow app and click on "Create Workflow" to create a new workflow.
  3. Choose the trigger for your workflow as "Abandoned Checkout" or "Abandoned Cart" depending on the specific option available in Shopify Flow
  4. After the trigger, add a condition to check if the customer has not made a purchase. Specify the condition to check if the "Order Count" for the customer is equal to 0.

  5. After the condition, add the action to send an email. Specify the details of the email you want to send as the second cart recovery email.

  6. Once you have configured the trigger, condition, and action, save the workflow and activate it. The workflow will now automatically send the second cart recovery email to customers who meet the specified conditions.


However, if you need more advanced segmentation and customization for your email marketing plan, I suggest that you try more robust email marketing apps like Omnisend, Privy, or Seguno.


I hope this helps!

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