How can I set up automated discount emails for new customers?

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Please help, I want to allow new registered customers to receive automated emails (with discount).

Here are my previous settings:
1. Set the filter of customer, and the registered customers are classified in register.
2. Set up discount coupons that belong to new registrations (customer eligibility points to specific customer segments, which is the "register" category I set)
3. Set automated email (customer account enable - - send marketing email)

But it doesn't work!


I have already contacted customer support and they told me that customers need to register and subscribe in order to realize the automated email feature.

They also mention that discount codes can be added to the welcome email notifications. But I don't know how to code, so this way doesn't work.


I would like to ask, is there any other way to achieve this requirement?

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Hello , @chang99 I am daily user of  shopify i just want give my statement on it i think it is helpful for you , Choose Email Marketing Platform , Import customer  data , Segmentation , Set Up Automated Email Campaign , Design The Email , add the discount code or Activate The Automated campaign. 


I hope this key point help it out for your problem thank you. 

Best Regards,

[ Myjdfaccount ]
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Thanks for your suggestion! I will add it for reference.

However, my current hope is to offer coupons through customer registration, so that customers can do impulse purchases.

Thanks again!

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I have some suggestions that enable automated emails for new registered customers by using a third-party email marketing tool integrated with your e-commerce platform. Create a customer segment for "newly registered" users and set up an automated email campaign with a discount code. Customize the email content and test the automation to ensure successful delivery to new customers. No coding required. Panda Express

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hi Chang99,


I see that you are trying to send a coupon to new registered users to encourage them to do impulse purchases.


I also see that you don't know how to code, so trying to set things up via coding wouldn't be your top choices.


I found this thread about customizing Welcome new users email by Shopify. How about trying to send the coupon via the "Welcome new users" email? In this way, it satisfy your requirements:

  1. these coupons are only applied to new registered users
  2. you don't need to code to make it happen

The instruction is in the Reply section of the thread:


I hope it helps and please do let me know how it goes if you give it a try.