How can I set up automated email flow for specific products?

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Hello Shopify Community!


This is a pretty unique circumstance, but I'm looking to send an application form to people who place an order for a certain product in our store. 


I'm struggling to find the best route to set up email automations for this process. I'm looking into a variety of options like meta fields, variants, collections, etc. The problem isn't attaching unique values to the product, it's making the logic work within the automation tool under the marketing tab on the Shopify platform.


A how-to video would be awesome, or I'd be willing to jump on a quick live call with someone to walk through the challenge. Alternatively, some screenshots to show how to properly setup automation flows to meet specific conditions would be very helpful.


Thanks to everyone in advance for taking a look here 🙂

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Hey were you looking to do this with flow specifically? We have a 3rd party automation app - if you're open to that I could help you out with this.


Oh and if you were looking to do it in flow specifically, there's a channel here in the forums for flow where you might get a faster response.